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F1H.net is a fan site for Formula One racing enthusiasts.  It features video and photography from the sources which will allow redistribution/republishing on private websites such as this one.  

Although this site is just starting out, I hope to create a great collection of F1 racing digital video footage and photography that F1 racing fans and enthusiasts will enjoy coming back to over and over.  I will be relying heavily on resources which allow the sharing of such content on private websites, such social media networking websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Photo Bucket, Flickr, Picasa, Tumblr and others.  Credit is given when known.

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Notes on Presentation Format & Content Delivery Resolutions

HD video technology is now in wide-spread use and supported almost everywhere. Therefore, Hi-Def 720P video footage is used whenever possible.  This page, used as an introduction, should look good on any device that will accomodate displaying an 800 pixel wide web presentation.  An attempt is made to display internal pages at 960 pixels wide to accomodate 720P HD video and photography in order to allow for the best and clearest web format images and media possible. In the event that 960 wide x 720 high resolution format videography or photography is not available, the page design format will revert to the highest resolution available for that presentation in order to accomodate the best quality available (especially on mobile devices that utilize dynamic digital presentation scaling).

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F1H.net: Formula 1 Highlights
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